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Utility Trailer Plates

Ohio Revised Code Section 4503.312

Used by manufacturers and distributors, or retail seller of utility trailers (having a gross weight of less than 4,000 pounds) for transporting vehicles.

Usage: Utility trailer plates are used on any trailer for transporting motorcycles, snowmobiles, or all- purpose vehicles that is not loaded may be operated on the public highway until it is sold or transferred; and any utility trailer that is not loaded, or that is being used to transport another utility trailer for purposes of demonstration or delivery, may be operated on the public highway until it is sold or transferred.

NOTE: Pursuant to section 4503.30 of the R.C. motor vehicle dealer plates issued to all new and used motor vehicle dealers as licensed under Chapter 4517 of the R.C. may not use their plates on utility trailers. Any licensed motor vehicle dealer who also sells utility trailers must apply for separate utility trailer dealer plates.


Download Application

Plate Application for Manufacturer, Distributor, or Retail Seller of Utility Trailers or Trailers for Transporting Motorcycles, Snowmobile, or All Purpose Vehicles  (PDF) (Word)



Master Plate $25.25
Master In-Transit Plate (optional) $5.25
Postage (if plates are ordered) $4.50