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Used Motor Vehicle Training – Course Information

A training course is mandated for those applicants pursuing to be a licensed used motor vehicle dealer. A used motor vehicle dealer is a dealer primarily engaged in the business of selling used motor vehicles.


Applicant Requirements

  • An owner, partner, president, member, trustee, or principal owner of the business entity applying for a used motor vehicle dealer’s license must complete the training course within the preceding six months of applying.
  • Upon completion of the training course the course provider will award you a certificate of completion. At the time of application a copy of the certificate of completion must be submitted.

NOTE: A used motor vehicle dealer’s license shall not be issued to any person without first successfully completing the training course.

Exempt: The used motor vehicle training course is not required if one of the following applies:

  • An owner, partner, president, member, trustee, or principal owner of a business entity that has held a used or new motor vehicle dealer’s license within the two-year period immediately preceding the date of application and the previously license was not revoked or suspended.
  • An owner, partner, president, member, trustee, or principal owner of the related business entity holds a salvage motor vehicle auction license pursuant to Chapter 4738. of the Revised Code or a motor vehicle auction owner license pursuant to Chapter 4517. of the Revised Code.


Course Information

  • The course is instructed by an authorized course provider that has been approved by the BMV and meets the requirements of 4517.05 (C)(a) of the Revised Code.
  • The course is required to be at least six hours of instruction, but may vary by authorized course provider.

The following topics will be discussed during the training course:

  • Used motor vehicle dealer requirements (Chapter 4517 RC) (Chapter 4501:1-3 AC)
  • Duties and responsibilities of the motor vehicle dealers board
  • Acts and omissions resulting in suspension or revocation of a dealer’s license
  • Issuance of temporary tags to consumers
  • Duties and responsibilities of performing out-of-state inspections
  • Registration requirements for dealers
  • Display and proper use of dealer license plates
  • Federal and state laws governing the sale and distribution of motor vehicles
  • Titling motor vehicles
  • The title defect rescission fund
  • Sales taxes
  • Motor vehicle financing
  • Document fees
  • Retail agreements
  • Repossession of motor vehicles
  • Consumer protection

NOTE: There is a fee associated with the participation of the training course. These fees are determined by the individual authorized course providers not the BMV. For a list of the training course providers click on the link below:

Authorized Used Motor Vehicle Training Course Providers