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Temporary Tag Instructions

The purchaser of a vehicle applying for a temporary license placard or windshield sticker under this section shall execute an affidavit stating that the purchaser has not been issued previously during the current registration year a license plate that could legally be transferred to the vehicle. Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) Section 4503.182.

The purchaser of an off-highway motorcycle or all-purpose vehicle, upon application and proof of purchase, may obtain a temporary license placard. R.C. Section 4519.10.

Issuance Guidelines For All Dealers
          • The privilege to purchase and issue temporary tags / off-highway stickers by a dealership is granted by the Registrar of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, through R.C. Sections 4503.182 and 4519.10.
          • To issue a temporary tag, there must be a legitimate purchase order for a motor vehicle as outlined in the R.C. section 4517.26. The temporary tag may only be issued by the licensed motor vehicle dealer who executed the purchase order and the purchaser does not have license plates that can be legally transferred to the newly purchased vehicle.
          • Dealers are NOT permitted to issue a second temporary tag to any individual. If the situation arises where the tag will expire before a title can be issued, the customer may go to a local Deputy Registrar with the original purchase order and their copy of the first temporary tag registration application to request a hardship temporary tag.
          • If two or more dealerships are operating from the same location, make certain that the temporary tag inventories are kept separate at all times. You are NOT permitted to sell, lend, or give your temporary tags or registration applications to another dealer. If this occurs, your privileges of selling Temporary Tags may be suspended. Each dealer is responsible for tags and applications consigned to their dealership.
          • All temporary tags issued (or voided) must be reported by submitting a temporary tag registration application (or Dealer Temporary Tag Void Form) to the BMV, Dealer Licensing Section, within forty-eight (48) hours of issuance or being voided.
          • A dealer may issue a replacement temporary tag to the purchaser if they report to the dealer that their tag has been lost or damaged prior to the expiration of the original temporary tag. However, the replacement temporary tag MUST expire on the same expiration date as the original issued temporary tag.

Application Inventory (Non WE Dealers ONLY)
          • Application form BMV 4349 must be completed for each temporary tag sold. It is not necessary to report voided applications. DO NOT pre-print temporary tag numbers on the applications.
          • Application numbers are for tracking purposes only and do not directly correspond with the temporary tag number. If an error is made on the application, simply destroy that application and use a new one.

NOTE: Incorrect or incomplete registration applications will be returned to the dealership for completion, and must be corrected within 48 hours. Continuous corrections may result in the suspension of your temporary tag privileges.

Temporary Tag Inventory (All Dealers)
          • Pursuant to BMV policy, effective immediately, all temporary tag inventories will be valid for only three (3) years from date of consignment. Temporary tags not reported or unused within the three (3) years will be deleted from the dealer system and NO refunds will be issued. Each order invoice will have reminder language.
          • For auditing purposes temporary tags must be issued in numerical order.
          • WE dealers will see the auto delete date next to each inventory online. Each individual inventory will show the total number of temporary tags unreported and the total number temporary tags reported to assist in inventory control.
          • Allow a full forty-five (45) days, from the date of issuance (being day number one), and adjusting for 28 and 31 day months. DO NOT pre-write on temporary tags prior to issuance they will be considered as used and a refund will not be granted.
          • Complete the temporary tag by using a thick black waterproof marker. The expiration date must fill the entire box. All boxes must be completed and holes punched to be a valid.
          • Dealers are NOT permitted to charge more than $18.50 per temporary tag and NOT more than $5.50 per off-highway / APV sticker.

Please maintain at least a one month supply of tags.

Record Retention

Records must be maintained and easily accessible for a period of three (3) years, as required by Ohio Administrative Code 4501:1-3-04.

For your convenience there is a temporary tag log sheet form BMV 4428 to assist in inventory control or you may develop your own.

Download Forms

BMV 4379 - Instructions to Dealers Selling Temporary Tags

BMV 4382 - Dealer Temporary Tag Void Form (Non-WE Dealer ONLY)

BMV 4436 - Registration Application Screening Instructions

BMV 4428 - Temporary Tag Log Sheet