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Special Registration

Dealer Plate


Ohio Revised Code Section 4503.31

There are several legal uses for special Ohio registration. They include:

  1. On motor vehicles owned and being used in testing or demonstrating for the purpose of sale or lease (leasing dealer license required).
  2. On motor vehicles subject to the rights and remedies of a secured party (repossession).
  3. On motor vehicles being held or transported by any insurance company for the purpose of salvage disposition.
  4. On motor vehicles being transported by any persons regularly engaged in salvage operations or scrap metal processing from the point of acquisition to their established place of business (salvage dealer license required).
  5. On motor vehicles owned or in lawful possession of an Ohio non-profit corporation while being used in testing.
  6. By persons regularly and primarily engaged in the business of rustproofing, reconditioning, or installing equipment or trim for motor vehicle dealers (transporting dealer owned motor vehicles to and from the dealer's place of business).
  7. By persons engaged in manufacturing articles for attachment to motor vehicles when being transported to and from places where mechanical equipment is attached to the chassis of new motor vehicles.
  8. On motor vehicles being towed by any person regularly and primarily engaged in the business of towing motor vehicles to a point of storage.
  9. On trailers being transported by persons engaged in the business of selling tangible personal property other than motor vehicles.

NOTE: ORC Section 4503.32 prohibits any person from using special plates for any reason except the reason they were obtained.

Application: Form BMV 4374 must be completed, notarized, and submitted with the applicable fee. The business location must be inspected to determine if it meets the requirements for issuance of the plates.

Plate Fees

Master plate $25.25
Additional plates (each) $5.25
Postage fee $4.50